Music for Peace

The Art of Paul Lloyd Warner

6 Symphonic Suites
(Digitally recorded 1990-1998) Newly Re-Mastered in 2016-2017)
Created in the last decade of the 20th century in the Contemporary Classical Music genre
Re-released with a beautiful new sound for a 21st century global audience.

Presenting the PAUL LLOYD WARNER Masterworks Collection
“A Monumental Achievement”   “Shines with a Majestic Intensity”
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These albums were recorded in scenic locations throughout the western United States.
Paul Lloyd Warner brought his keyboards and mobile recording studio to The Grand Canyon,
Yosemite, Grand Tetons and Zion National Parks; the Colorado Rocky Mountains,
Mt. Shasta, The Great Northwest and Islands in Puget Sound;
the coast from California to Oregon and Washington State;
plus Sedona, The Painted Desert and Sonora Desert, Tubac, Arizona
and the land directly above the Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico
and many places off the beaten path.

Paul Lloyd Warner Photograph 4x3.33 in
Paul Lloyd Warner in 1995 at the time of these recordings.

For the first time ever, these magnificent albums
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MOTHER EARTH Symphonic Suites are some of the finest albums I have ever heard.  The music is so original that I have never experienced anything like it.  The scope of these works is breathtaking.. Passionate and strong; the music soars and reaches climactic moments that bring me to tears.“  Maria H

I feel the Love in the music and these six albums  bring me hope, peace and inspiration.”  Marc S

We listen to the albums throughout the day.  It stimulates our work, yet relaxes and puts us in a good mood.  Perfect for study, rest and relaxation.”


A Monumental Achievement,
Masterpieces.  All the albums are epic and poetic, astonishingly beautiful.
This is the music we humans should be listening to.”  Rachel B

Consistently the most beautiful 21st century classical instrumental music I know.  Paul Lloyd Warner is an amazing composer and performing artist, His music is inspired, yet romantic, evocative and heart-warming. Paul is a great artist.” Ira K

Paul Lloyd Warner’s music is fabulous, unique and full of wonder, charm and grace. It  is brilliantly performed.”  Joseph M

Some e-mails we received

OCEANS was the very first CD I had ever owned; my uncle bought this CD for me at a kiosk in the middle of Aurora Mall (Colorado) when I was 13 or so, back in 1993.  I'm surprised I hadn't worn out the disc considering how much I'd listened to it back then.  Even as a young teenager, it had me hooked.

At one point I lost the CD, and years later I picked up another copy on Ebay.  It has since become part of my digital music collection, and even if a good amount of time passes by in between listens, it always takes me back to a nostalgic place of serenity. 

I just wanted to take a moment to get in touch, and let you know that your Symphonic Suite No. 4 has anchored me in childhood memories, and is always a pretty sweet place to return to for relaxation.  Thank you for your hard work, and sharing your compositions.” Jacques H


I was stationed at Clark Air Base in the Philippines in 1991 when Mount Pinatubo erupted. We were evacuated out of the area with only clothes for a few days. We had to leave all our personal items: household items including a stereo and tapes. As a result of the damage from eruption,

I was never allowed to return to my house and lost all my possessions. Insurance covered the cost, however, some things could not be replaced. Your music was lost. For all these years since that time, I have been haunted by the memory of those recordings. I’m sure many people tell you how your music touched them. You can add me to that list. Even after almost 20 years, I still feel the loss.”  B. Shipley

I have it on repeat play all day long. It moves me sometimes to tears. There is an intelligence within the music. They are not random notes. This is real music and it speaks softly, with a gentleness that is truthful, even sweet.” E. Hafker

Mother Earth Symphonic Suites
Composed and Performed by Paul Lloyd Warner

Distributed by

1106 Second St. No. 866
Encinitas, CA 92024 USA



The Art of Paul Lloyd Warner

© 2017 by The Paul Lloyd Warner Trust.  All Rights Reserved.




Recorded LIVE in nature. Arriving at selected points in wilderness settings throughout the western United States, Paul Lloyd Warner recorded these unparalleled works of musical inspiration using a mobile digital recording studio.

Paul Lloyd Warner-playing-Keyboards in Nature

This music is played on multiple keyboards and recorded solo, exactly as you hear it, without additional overlays, sequencing or multi-tracking.  The beauty all around him inspired Paul to record ”LIVE” without internal editing. Playing the roles of composer, performing artist, conductor and recording engineer, he achieved seamless transitions from moment to moment all throughout these recordings.


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